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Axel by spikestheartist Axel by spikestheartist
Axel is a rat that used to live in the slums with his family. Until one day when Axel was walking home back from the park, he saw firefighters headed towards the street. Axel then curious about what was going on rushed to see what was going on. When he got there he saw his house in flames. He rushed in, ignoring the firefighters warning’s. When inside the building he found his little brother, carried him and went on to find his mom. While still looking for his mom, a weird container explodes a liquid inside lands all over axel (the cause for his red hair and the color change of his right eye). After axel finds his mom and is heading out of the burning building, part of the ceiling collapses Axel throws his brother and mom out of the way but his right hand gets broken.

Managing to get his mom and brother out of the fire and leaving them at a refuge called “Riveting Refuge”. Right after that no trace of Axel was found, no one could find him, severally injured Axel found help and got his arm replaced with a prosthetic arm fully capable of acting and surpassing a human arm. He also achieved his zero gravity shoes which allow him to walk on walls and jump super high.

A few years pass and axel is fully up and ready to take on the search for those who tried to kill his family. Trained in kung fu and park our, equipped with a belt that contains shuriken and kunai, a backpack full of detective tools, and a sword made from scrap metals.

Age: 17

Favorite music: Rock

Favorite food: he loves eating apples and Twinkies. Not just because there affordable but because there awesome.
Addresses people a “Bro”
And most used quote is “Guess I have too”
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October 30, 2011
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